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WLAN Decrypter
Cable Modem Sniffer
SuperScan v4.0
JAAScois Anti-WebInjection
Windows Password Expert
Nessus Remote Security Scanner 2.2.4
Process Hacker 2.25
"Network Behind a Network" Scenarios
Collapse Web Application Scanner
JAAScois X-Code v1.0 PHP Version
nhs (nohack scanner) v0.23.0
Managing Windows Vista Group Policy (Part 2)
Controlling Privileges of the Administrator Accounts
Using Advanced Group Policy Management to Protect your GPOs
Engage Packet builder
Securing DNS for Windows - Part 1
Securing Printer Usage in Windows Server 2003 (Part 2)
How to Configure BitLocker
A Microsoft PKI Quick Guide - Part 1: Planning
Default Deny All Applications (Part 1)
A Best Practice Guide on How to Configure BitLocker (Part 1)
smbrelay3 11.15
Xprobe2 0.2
Reason for Nessus 0.1.0
Windows Password Analyser
Best Practice Security Guide to Built-in Device Control in Windows (Part 1)
John the Ripper password cracker
THC-Amap Version 5.2
incognito 1.0.3701.25598
web application security analysis
ITknowledge24 MRU Search Cleanup Tool
Internet Explorer PassView 1.08
NBTScan 1.5.1
An Evaluation of Extended Validation and Picture-in-Picture Phishing Attacks
wpadcheck_en 09.61
winftprecon 0.9 beta2
Astral III

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Soft Name
AdvancedWinServiceManager is a smart tool to remove hidden rootkit services. It makes it easy to ...
Soft Directory:Windows
WebRaider is a proof of concept quality tool to get a reverse shell out of SQL injection (MS-SQL)...
Soft Directory:Windows 

incognito 1.0.3701.25598
Incognito is a tool for manipulating windows access tokens and is intended for use by penetration...
Soft Directory:Windows 

wpadcheck_en 09.61
Simple Freeware Network Checker to detect potentially dangerous entries in Microsoft DNS and WINS...
Soft Directory:Windows 

winftprecon 0.9 beta2
winftprecon is a tool to poll a Windows based FTP service for the output of the SITE STATS comman...
Soft Directory:Windows 

Standalone MS vulnerabilities network scanner to help identify systems vulnerable to the MS08-067...
Soft Directory:Windows 

JASNMP 12.31
JA-SNMP-Reader is a simple Windows executable that reads values from an OID of a given SNMP Agent.
Soft Directory:Windows 

Tcpip_lib is a library for Windows 2000 which allows constructing custom packets, IP spoofing, at...
Soft Directory:Windows 

smbrelay3 11.15
SmbRelay3 is a proof of concept tool that is able to replay NTLM authentication from several prot...
Soft Directory:Windows 

A simple command-line converter written in C language (win32) that converts input as string or in...
Soft Directory:Windows 

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